Tássia Bianchini


Of Salt and Light

Image of Of Salt and Light

'An analog registry of a resistance, a surrender and a clue to the ocean inside.'


Edition of 50 - Signed and numbered
38 pages
15,5 x 21 cm
Bound by the artist
Laserjet print

Dordrecht, NL


These photos were taken in 2012 at my grandfather's old farm in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, where I was born. This house was where we spent the weekend with my grandparents. I arrived back there after many years to find that what was left of the house had been taken over by nature. 


In 2018 I revisited these pictures, whilst realizing this book. It is a reflection on transience, the watery qualities of time and a small homage to the beauty of falling apart. 


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